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Mme. Duc Jacquemin et Mr. Poujol (Suisse)

Sincères remerciements à Mme. Sooreeta pour tout l’accomplissement et l’éfficacité de son
travail durant notre séjour, merci pour son dévouement et son proffesionalisme
Merci infiniment
Mme. Duc Jacquemin et Mr. Poujol


Mr. Mahaleo et Marc (Madagascar)

A l’équipe de Wellkin Hospital
Un grand merci pour votre acceuil, à toute l’équipe médicale et au staffs, votre proféssionalisme
Et votre sympathie nous a tellement touché.
On est venu avec un crainte, crainte de la maladie et on est repartie avec la guerison et un nouvel Espoir.
Tous ceux que vous avez faites pour nous est tellement grand,
On vous remercie du fond du Coeur.
On n’a pas les moyen de vous donner assez de remerciement,
Mais on prie que Dieu vous rendra mille et million de fois le bonheur que vous nous avez donné.
Mr. Mahaleo et Marc


Mrs. Rajaonah (Madagascar)

Nous remercions vivement toute l’équipe médicale de Wellkin Hospital, de l’administraion Mme.Sooreeta ainsi que le Docteurs traitants spécifiquement le Dr. Lam, Dr. Gendoo et le Dr. Oozeerally qui ont pris en charge ma femme.
Merci pour votre soins, votre humanité votre écoute.
Merci profondement
Mrs. Rajaonah


Famille Hatso (Madagascar)

Nous addressons notre gratitude pour l’équipe médicale.
On était bien recus, l’équipe médicale est serviable et sympathique.
Merci infiniment
Mr. Hatso


Famille ANDRIATIANA (Madagascar)

Nous addressons toutes nos reconnaissances et gratitudes à l’encontre de toute  l’équipe de L’hôpital.

Tout s’est bien passé depuis la prise en charge de contact de Madagascar jusqu’à notre sortie.

Particulièrement, nous addressons toutes nos remerciement et sympathie à l’encontre de Mrs. Sooreeta pour son acceuil et son aimable attention à notre égart, nous sommes aussi reconnaissant au Dr. Isaac Daureeawo pour son professionalisme et son aimable compassion.

Nous vous souhaitons à tous le bonheur du monde surtout la santé a la prochaine pour le suivis.




All the nurses were perfect.

Keep it up.

Special thanks to Nalini

Very kind and helpful it was perfect.


Patricia (Seychelles)

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Kevin Teerovengadum for doing
an excellent repair job on my baby boy.
Thank you Dr. Gaya and Dr. Joomye for attending to my son’s needs as well.
A warm thank you to all the nurses on Pediatric ward and NICU for the outstanding services you provided to my son and during our stay at the hospital.
What seemed impossible to my family and it was made possible through the excellence of your staff.
Thank you once again Dr. Kevin and your colleagues.
Your Team will forever be in our hearts, we will keep praying for each and everyone for your professionalism, so that you keep saving the life of others.
Wellkin Hospital you have the very best professionals!!
Forever in our hearts
Mrs. Patricia, Hareek and Marthe


Famille Raveloson (Madagascar)

A l’équipe de Wellkin Hospital

Merci pour tout l’accueil chaleureux de l’equipe, votre écoute, et surtout votre hospitalité à nous server nuit et jour.

Mes grands remerciement de notre part

Famille Raveloson



La famille (Madagascar)

A l’équipe de Wellkin Hospital

Nous tenions à vous  remercier pour votre accueil, les soins que vous avez apporté à notre

grand mere, le suivi medical de qualité

Le personnel medical été à l’écoute tout au long de notre séjour, merci aux infirmiers(es)

chirurgien, oncologue….malgré votre accueil chaleureux, nous esperons ne pas avoir a

revenir, mais nous sommes surs que les patients sont ici entre de bonnes mains. Je serais aussi

apprécié d’envisager une navette desservant les principles villes autour de l’hopital.

Merci a tous

Chenaz, Sougra, Mania, Adnam, Rauame



Dr Judith Barron (Israel)

Being ill in a foreign country is not simple. But here in Wellkin Hospital, it was a special experience.

When I was in the ICU, sick and frightening, I got a professional service, now I really felt safe and in good hand.

I do not have enough words to describe my admiration to the staff, Dr Ozeerally Is an excellent doctor but above all he is a “Best man” , caring, responsible and give the patient a feeling that he is the only one. I am impress too, by the good relationship among the staff, it also give the patient feeling that the treatment is going well. When I arrived to the ward it continued, kindness, empathy and best medical care. I would like to thank specially for the physiotherapy I got from wonderful shivangi :

From me and my husband

Thanks from all our heart

Continue with your wonderful work sincerely

Dr Judith Barron



Farahnaz (Mauritius)

All the staffs are professional and did their respective task well. excellent work!
Vanessa and Rachel thanks a lot for support care and encouragements maintaining the positive atmosphere to encourage patient which helped me a lot during the stressful moment (my first pregnancy).


Myriam (Mauritius)

Dr Rajabally is an amazing doctor he is so calm and genuine his calmness puts one at ease. Best gynaecologist for all my 3 kids


Rohan (Mauritius)

Dr. Ryad Joomye paediatrician saved the life of my son and I thank him for everything.


Siddik (Mauritius)

Dont remembered all their names but the attendants were very proactive. Mainly Ingrid of the Customer Care.
She has good listening skills and solved my problems. Her intervention was quite remarkable.


Marguerite (Mauritius)

Robinah is an excellent midwife and a very reassuring person.All the staff is absolutely lovely .Thousand thanks to them all.


Govindasamy (Mauritius)

Dr. Peerbux to all ambassadors (I dont have their names)who have work and help me a lot during my stay . Thanks to all. Wellkin was like my home


Pallavee (Mauritius)

Emeline provided me with an excellent service by putting my wellness above anything. Good communication skills.


Reshma (Mauritius)

Mrs Robinah is a professional and knows her job very well.She got that special touch and approach that all patients need.
Thats my second time here with the same team. For me both time were the same. A big thanks to the entire maternity team and Mrs Robinah


Stephane (Mauritius)

Surgeon Dr. Soubrane and Anesthetist Dr. Gaya. Highly competent and diligent. Communicate very clearly with patients. Doctoros gentle and reassuring manner was much appreciated.


Valerie (Mauritius)

Elodie and other staff members were great with my baby and taught me how to proceed with feeding etc. Very patient and calm and always accessible making you feel comfortable

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