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One life One tree

5th of June 2020, World Environment Day

It important for children to grow up in an environment where the value of nature is recognized and preserved. That is why, at C-Care, (the first private health group in Mauritius) we proposed the launch of One Life, One Tree, on the 5th of June 2019, precisely one year ago.  The ‘One Life One Tree’ is an initiative to plant an endemic tree for every baby born at Wellkin Hospital and Clinique Darné.

Trees have always been symbol of life, and this philosophy has motivated C-Care to launch the One Life, One Tree project at Ferney La Vallée.

One year after, on 5th of June 2020, World Environment Day, we are proud to say that around 700 trees have already been planted in the forests of Ferney La Vallée. We seize this opportunity to promote this strong initiative which impacts the hearts of people, both parents and environmentalists.

Congratulations to Ferney La Vallée for this commendable achievement!

A big Thank You to all the parents of newborns both at Wellkin Hospital and Clinique Darné who collaborated and took great interest in this noble project.

Parents can visit Ferney La Vallée for free and enjoy the eco-system along with their loved ones. For more information concerning visits, please call on 634 0440.

One Life One Tree

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