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The truth about cholesterol

DEBUNKING A HEALTH MYTH The truth about cholesterol!

An egg a day will kill us. So will the oily sauce or our seafood salads and the margarine we fry our salmon in. For decades, people honestly believed that. In their minds, the tiny fat-like substances in the liver known as cholesterol were the root of all evil when it came to heart disease.

  • According to Dr. Mahesh Krishnakumar, a Interventional Cardiologist as Wellkin Hospital who writes for Weekly, there is uncontested evidence that statins make people who have had a heart attack, stroke or similar cardiovascular disease live longer. “Statins are life-savers in people who are genetically predisposed to having very high cholesterol levels and is the only weapon to modify their face from serious catastrophes such as heart attack,” he writes.

 Source :  Weekly Pg 16

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