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Kidney health for everyone everywhere by Consultant Nephrology Dr Zaher Gendoo

1.What is the situation of kidney diseases in Mauritius?
The incidence of kidney disease in Mauritius is increasing at alarming rate. At present some 10,000 people are affected with some sort of kidney disease which can lead
to kidney failure. At present 1400 patients are undergoing chronic dialysis in Mauritius.

2.What is chronic kidney disease?
Chronic kidney disease is a progressive disease, the function of the kidney deteriorate over some years to end stage failure.

3.What is end stage renal disease?
Kidney disease is characterized in 5 stages, according to extent of the damage. The 5th stage is the last where the kidney function less than 15% of the normal .This is the end stage kidney failure when replacement therapy and imminent

4.What are the common causes of kidney disease?
Most common causes of kidney disease –

Diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, urine infections, kidney stones etc.

5.Who are the people who are more vulnerable to the disease?
A family history of diabetes, hypertension and if there is already kidney failure in the family. Nowadays old age has become a serious problem, these has been a significant increase of kidney disease in people above 65 years of age. Obesity is also considered an important cause of kidney disease.

6.What are the different types of dialysis treatments for kidney disease?
Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis majority of kidney failure patient are on hemodialysis. Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis is also an acceptable mode of dialysis for ageing patients.

7.Kidney disease is most often caused by diabetes or high blood pressure. How far true?
True diabetes and hypertension are the most common causes of ICD. It is estimated that 30 – 40 % of patient on dialysis are diabetic  with associated hypertension

8.What are the symptoms of kidney disease?
In early stages, there are minimal symptoms. As the disease progresses, symptoms like, general tiredness, lethargy, difficult sleep, shortness of breath, swelling of limps, decreased appetite become prominent. At end stage of the disease, patients will have difficulty doing simple daily chores.

9.What are complications of kidney disease?
Most common complications : anemia, heart disease, bone disease, gastric problem, infections etc.

10.How should people protect their kidney?
Protect your kidney by being aware of the importance of the kidney in the body. Take care of general health including proper balanced diet, less salt intake, drink enough water and avoid too much soft drinks. Regular exercises, avoid obesity. To have regular checkup, early detection & treatment is for better

11.Common myth people believe for kidney diseases?
Common myth: All kidney disease are incurable, once kidney function is affected, there is nothing that can be done. The progression of kidney disease can be slowed or arrested for certain types. Patients can remain healthy for long term if kidney disease is properly followed. Dialysis makes people more sick with is not true

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