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Laparoscopy Surgery

Live Laparoscopic Surgery Workshop

Laparoscopy considered one of the greatest surgical advances has many benefits and that’s why many surgeons today choose this method over traditional surgery. This minimally invasive procedure allows for high-precision abdominal surgeries by doing three small incisions ranging from 5mm to 10mm where a special equipment and a camera is then inserted to obtain a full view of the affected areas. Laparoscopic surgery enables complicated procedures that would otherwise require open surgeries and does so without leaving visible scars on the body of the patients.

In order to enable professionals of the medical sector in Mauritius to discover more about this surgical technique, Wellkin Hospital organised a Live Laparoscopic Surgery Workshop that took place on Saturday, 4th of May. For the first time on the island, experts were able to witness four live laparoscopic operations performed on four patients with inguinal and abdominal hernia.

“Laparoscopic surgery is a revolutionary procedure that paves the way for a new way of performing surgical operations. It is faster and is more reassuring for patients who are anxious about open surgeries and the effects on their body. We, at C-Care, are proud to have a hand in educating our fellow peers to the advantages of this revolutionary procedure and to bring our philosophy of always providing our patients with the best services to life”, said Olivier Schmitt, CEO of C-Care.

Live Laparoscopic Surgery
Live Laparoscopic Surgery

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