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Taking care of your child covid-19

Taking charge of your children’s wellbeing  during the Covid-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has rapidly changed daily and normal routines worldwide. The situation is stressful for everyone but by managing it in a more positive way we will enjoy better mental and physical health. Having a positive outlook is as important as taking necessary precautions.

You can help your children and teens through this difficult time by giving them your full support. We have to remind the children that this situation is temporary only. Things will become better with time and they will be able to return back to their previous routines.

It is very important to work together to create a new normal for the time being. The environment at home should be comfortable and children should be encouraged to share their concerns and their worries. Try to be a good listener to your children.

Help your children create a healthy and productive routine.

Stick to a schedule that works with online learning or through the television. Set a time for your children to wake up, to  get dressed , to have breakfast and to  get ready to start  their virtual learning.  Younger children might need a bit of help from their parents for their homelearning.  Remember that not all children learn in the same manner.

Add snack breaks and lunch breaks.

Make dinner a great time to gather the whole family together. Share ideas and make plans for the next day. Balanced meals are very important to keep the children healthy. Make sure that they are having at least 2 or 3 portions of vegetables/ fruits daily, 2 portions of protein-rich foods (eggs, poultry, fish, lentils,etc),  2 glasses of milk/yoghurt and plenty of water.

Help them create their own games.

Help them practise  meditation , yoga, exercises   through apps and you tube videos.

You can plan virtual meetings  and playdates with their friends. Make them attend religious services online. Make them visit virtual museums , zoos ,etc through google arts and culture.

Children also need to have enough sleep at night. A positive mindset will make you and your children pass through this difficult time easier and healthier.

Stay safe and please don’t lose hope!


Dr Hemlata Charitar-Sookha

Consultant Psychiatrist

Wellkin Hospital

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