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One Life One Tree Launch 3 June 2019 : An environmental initiative for every newborn

Through time and history, trees have always been symbol of life, and this philosophy has motivated us to launch a new initiative at C-Care called “One Life, One Tree”.

For every baby born at the Wellkin Hospital and Clinique Darné, parents can get an endemic tree planted in the forest of Ferney La Vallée, to celebrate the birth of their child.

Faithful to its values ​​and the community, C-Care, the first private health group in Mauritius, subsidiary of CIEL Healthcare and holding company of Wellkin Hospital and Clinique Darné has launched this pioneering and touching initiative on The World Environment Day, 5 June 2019.

“The One Life, One Tree” project is very important to us. We have already planned the first phase over a period of three years to begin. Parents will have their first visit for free, accompanied with a guide from La Vallée de Ferney (LVDF) Conservation Trust. Environment Day was the perfect opportunity to launch this strong initiative which impacts the hearts of people, whether parents or environmentalists, ” said Hélène Echevin, Chairperson of C- Care.

C-Care adopts strong, human values ​​towards the community while sensitizing them about protecting the environment. “One Life, One Tree” offers the newborn the opportunity to leave a lasting and significant footprint on their homeland. C-Care, with the participation of LVDF Conservation Trust, raises awareness among future generations from birth. The emotional connection occurs instinctively between the parents, the child and the symbol of planting a tree. All contribute to preserve the natural heritage of Mauritius.

The steps for this action are as follows:

Parents will be informed of this initiative in advance by a letter of consent provided by C-Care staff. LVDF Conservation Trust will then ensure that labels are printed, and trees are planted. In order to create a sense of belonging, each tree will be tagged with the child’s name and date of birth in order to be able to follow the evolution of the tree.

“We are proud to launch this new initiative for the benefit of our country, which at the same time shows our respect and loyalty not only to the community but also to the environment. Sustainable actions are, after all, a priority for all, hence our effort to invest more and more in sustainable development. Our ecosystem is extremely fragile, and it is our duty to do our best to rehabilitate and safeguard it. This initiative aims at reforestation of our country and thus, restore this balance and we hope to inculcate this value in the generations to come. C-Care sees itself as the leader of innovation in the medical sector in Mauritius, and this fits in with actions such as “One Life, One Tree” that demonstrates our passion for our environment, and therefore, our passion for life. “Says Olivier Schmitt, CEO of C-Care.

C-Care engages in sustainable actions and wants to be closer to future generations of Mauritians. Health is the priority of C-Care, and the environment is a major factor in ensuring the health of people. As a result, we want to bring a revolution so that each family of our newborn will join our efforts to create a green and sustainable environment for future generations.

One Life One Tree

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