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Your safety is our priority!

To help us serve you better, we are following some very rigorous safety measures throughout our Hospital. To ensure that we do not have any contamination from Covid-19 infection, we have put very strict measures at all our entry points, and they are as follow:

  • We do strict temperature control at all our entry points.
  • We are also screening all our patients and visitors through a stringent questionnaire and if we see any issues, the patient or visitor is immediately isolated. In this way we ensure that we contain the risk of contamination.
  • Wearing mask is compulsory throughout our Hospital.
  • We follow strict physical distancing in all our areas including Outpatient department, Pharmacy, Radiology, Emergency and other areas.
  • Our Facility Team is continuously disinfecting all the high-touch service areas around the Hospital.

All these measures that we have taken, reduce the risk of contamination in our Hospital, and ensures the safety of our staff, our patients and visitors from Covid-19.

During these challenging times, we are here to care for you 24/7. For outpatient appointments, please call us on 605 1000 or email us on appointment@wellkinhospital.com. For emergency ambulance, dial 132.

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