This department provides comprehensive cancer care including prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. As early detection is the key to successful treatment, we offer preventive health checks, which include gender-specific investigations covering all common cancers.

Our specialties include surgical and medical oncology.

The Wellkin Hospital has a unique facility in daycare chemotherapy, where there is no hospital stay and it is convenient. The daycare ward is equipped with all the necessary monitoring systems and dedicated nurses and doctors to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the process.

Surgical Oncology

We offer facilities for breast cancer and other breast-related diseases.

The objective of the breast clinic is to provide an integrated service staffed by a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all benign and malignant breast diseases.

It offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options for patients who have experienced breast changes or problems. Services include evaluation of breast abnormalities, breast cancer prevention, screening, diagnostic testing, patient education and wide-ranging treatment options.

The expertise of our specialist breast care team enables us to provide care to patients at all stages – from screening through to surgery and chemotherapy.


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