Patient Registration

If you are visiting Wellkin Hospital for the first time for an appointment or admission, you need to get a one-time registration done. This will be a lifetime registration. You will be issued a Unique Hospital Identification Number (UHID) and your computerized hospital record file will be generated. Registration can also be done at our reception counter upon arrival. You can register with us online by filling in the details below.

Step 1 - Patient Information

Please select the nationality of patient.

Step 2 - Patient's Contact Details

Step 3 - In case of Emergency

Type the full name of the person

Phone Number to contact in case of emergency.

Father, Child, Friend, Friend, etc...

Patient Visit at Wellkin

General Practitioner, Hospital, Clinic, etc...

Quiet room to pray, restricted visit, etc..

Step 5 - Agreement

Please type the first name and last name.

Please type the first name and last name.

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