Being ill in a foreign country is not simple. But here in Wellkin Hospital, it was a special experience.

When I was in the ICU, sick and frightening, I got a professional service, now I really felt safe and in good hand.

I do not have enough words to describe my admiration to the staff, Dr Ozeerally Is an excellent doctor but above all he is a “Best man” , caring, responsible and give the patient a feeling that he is the only one. I am impress too, by the good relationship among the staff, it also give the patient feeling that the treatment is going well. When I arrived to the ward it continued, kindness, empathy and best medical care. I would like to thank specially for the physiotherapy I got from wonderful shivangi :

From me and my husband

Thanks from all our heart

Continue with your wonderful work sincerely

Dr Judith Barron


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