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We are glad to inform you that babies born at Wellkin Hospital benefit from FREE membership to the Wellkin Fun Club!

Members of the Wellkin Fun Club are entitled to the following offers and benefits until the age of 12 years :

  • FREE Membership to the Wellkin Fun Club.
  • FREE 1st follow-up consultation with in-house Pediatrician after birth at Wellkin Hospital.
  • 10% discount on investigations and radiology services.
  • 10% discount on room rent (in case of admission).
  • 5% discount on Paediatric vaccines as per WHO recommendations.
  • 10% discount on consultation with Emergency doctors (excluding Specialist’s fees)
  • FREE 132 ambulance pick-up from home to Wellkin Hospital in case of medical emergency.

Terms and Conditions

The Wellkin Fun Club formerly known as the ‘Bramwell Fun Club’ is exclusive to Wellkin Hospital. Children registered under the Bramwell Fun Club since 2009 are automatically transferred to the Wellkin Fun Club. Please note the following :

  • The Membership application form can ONLY be completed by the parent/ guardian of the child. For further query, please e-mail us on info@wellkinhospital.com

Membership Validity

The Wellkin Fun Club membership is valid until the child has reached the age of 12 years.

Termination of Membership

Wellkin Hospital reserves the right to cancel the patient`s membership in case of non-compliance with the hospital requirements.


How can my baby become a member of the Club?

All babies born at Wellkin Hospital can benefit from a FREE membership.

How do I register my baby to the club?

Please fill in the registration form found on the right hand of this screen. Kindly upload your baby’s birth certificate.

Are there any additional fees associated with becoming a member?

No. The membership registration is free of cost.

Whom should I contact for more details?

For any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Staff. You can also e-mail us on info@wellkinhospital.com. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Wellkin Fun Club Logo

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